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As the "A Place and all its Creatures" blog comes to a close, I'll be continuing to share writing, art, photography, and "the works" right HERE. There's lots of art still coming from "A Place and all its Creatures" and from future explorations, so stay tuned, and in touch. 

What an awesome year it's been, visiting 27 states in my 27th year and driving 19,661 miles in doing so. Donnie and I met such amazing creatures on the road and visited so many of the ones we already know and love. I attempted to recap some of these moments in a tiny thank you note you can find here. 

I sold the van last month on the 1 year anniversary of her purchase, and it was a happy farewell to a tall college sophomore and Eastern Religions and Communications major, Cooper. He met us with his father who pulled the Kelly Blue Book print off from his old jean pocket to review. Respectable. We went to the mechanic together and things checked out just fine although the man under the van self identified as "not a Diesel guy". Cooper's excitement settled my "I now have no escape" nerves and the title changed hands as I boarded a plane to Alaska (photos to come!).

Letting go of things we think define and create us, what a great practice. This giant white van and project has been such a part of my identity this last year, how will I successfully express myself without them?  Funny thought really, but it sneaks up softly before you know it. Unless you know it. 

And NOW, I've been puddle jumping around Portland and feeling cold. It's true, the coffee here is good and the people, better, yet, the truth is simple, "the sun has run out" - Dill. 

I'm going to find it and love it while I wait for a new home and VW bus to arrive from Uruguay. Fingers crossed on this one.